Juanma Bajo Ulloa
Vitoria-Gasteiz 1-1-67 (Spain)

Son of a photographer, begins his contact with the image in childhood and creates his family-run production company in 1984.

He shots several short films in Super 8, and later in 16 and 35 mm achieving numerous awards, including the first Goya that the Spanish Film Academy awarded to a short film for "The Kingdom of Victor" (1989).

In 1.990-1 writes, produces and directs his first feature film, “Alas de Mariposa”, which won the "Concha de Oro" at San Sebastian plus 3 Goyas and other awards at festivals around the world.

One year later, he writes, produces and directs his second film, "La Madre Muerta" (1993), which premiered at the Venice Film Festival and is his most awarded work worldwide.

In 1.996-7 wrote and directed "Airbag" which then became the biggest Spanish blockbuster in history.

Then directs the multimedia theatrical show "Pop Corn" (1.998-9), plus various spots, music video clips, and other works for television.

In 2.003-4 writes, produces and directs the film "Fragile", premiered at the Festival of Cairo and also competes in many national and foreign contests.

His works have been involved in many major international festivals and received, among other accolades, 7 Goyas and prizes in Montreal, Fantasporto, New York, Stockholm, Puerto Rico, Seattle, Cologne, Sao Paulo, Cognac, Cartagena de Indias, Montpellier , etc, etc.

In 2008-9 directs "The History of a Rock Band", his first feature-length documentary that premiered in competition at the 24 Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara (México).

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