Film director Juanma Bajo Ulloa receives the assignment of shooting the farewell of rock band Distrito14, a group of worship but unknown to most, that after 25 years on the road announces what will be his last concert.

But unexpectedly for him, it will become one of the most exciting events in his career and he decides to transform the original proposal in a full tribute to a lifestyle that seems to be endangered.

Someone has already defined this work as the first "Romantic Rock Documentary."

In the words of Juanma Bajo Ulloa:

"This is a great human story. It is logical that I am interested in dramatically interesting lives and behaviors, and these are."

"It is the story of a life and I could not have told it from asepsis. I can not conceive cinema without emotion. I need to feel something towards the project and only then I am able to do it. "

"The film questions the concept and definition of success. Fame and success are usually considered as one single thing and the concept of personal triumph is obviated. Through my career I've been able to ascertain how successful people tend to live unhappy lives and honesty sometimes collides with the pursuit of quick glory. "

"I thought that the legacy of Distrito 14 was the sample, sometimes crude, of constancy, professional quality and personal success."



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